Isosceles Storage System
Two side pockets hold boots surrounding a large central compartment that accomodates a helmet and gear. Weight and bulk from boots are diverted to the sides and away from your back creating a natural suspension that is ergonomic and comfortable.
Delta Strap System
Web straps triangularly connected to secure boots in side pocket.
Self-repairing nylon coil zippers
The slider repairs malfunctioning zipper when slid from end to end.
A strong, flexible, water resistant material.
Fabric inserted for added expansion.
An expandable gusset allowing for expansion.
Allows for the evaporation and drainage of moisture and water.
Stow-away Shoulder straps and waist-belt
Unhooked shoulder straps and waist-belt can be stowed away in zippered pocket.
Ergonomic Top Handle
Front handle ergonomically designed to comfortably hold the case while rolling.
Low Profile Wheels
Rugged low profile wheels.
Easy Pull O-ring
Easy pull O-ring to comfortably disengage inner case.
Variable Length Locking System
Variable length locking system allows for both a 5/8" hitch pin and TSA lock at the same time.
Internal Straps
Replaceable internal straps with clips to secure skis and snowboards to hard case.