Durable Hard Case Rolling Carrier For A Single Pair Of Skis And Poles. (Up To 208 cm)

Black w/ Silver Logo

Style:  7005-1

  • Function: Securely transports a single pair of skis (including wider skis) and poles.
  • Material: High density polyethylene.
  • Adjustable length securely accommodates skis from 114cm to 208cm.
  • Front handle ergonomically designed to comfortably hold the case while rolling.
  • Variable length Notch Locking System™ allows for both a 1/4” hitch pin
    and TSA lock at the same time.
  • Rugged low profiled wheels.
  • Molded handles offer easy lifting.
  • Easy Pull O-Ring to comfortably disengage inner case.
  • Closed cell foam padding at top and bottom to protect tips and tails.
  • Included: 2 web straps with clips for holding skis together in the facing tip tail position.
  • Included: 2 elastic ski brake retainers.
  • Industrial strength web and components.
  • Top dimensions: 7” x 10” x 47”
  • Bottom dimensions: 6.5” x 9” x 42.5” 

Available Color Options:

Black w/ Silver Logo

Style: 7005-1

Lime w/ Black Logo

Style: 7005-54


Additional Information:

Hitchpin Included

Holes for both TSA lock and hitchpin

Molded top carry handles

Front ergonomic handle

Easy Pull O-Ring and rugged wheels

Multiple options for shipping label placements


Included Accessories:

Ski straps for holding your skis together

Ski brake retainers


Packing Configurations:

Single Skis and Poles



  • Designed to fit Transpack Hard Case Jet and Shuttle.
  • Combination lock.
  • TSA approved.

   Style: 9901-01